Welcome to the Foley Hoag White Collar Law & Investigations Blog!

We hope this blog serves as a forum for spirited debate, challenge, and comment.  The attorneys in our White Collar Crime and Government Investigations practice group have a wide array of diverse experiences that we hope to share with you here.  While we are white-collar defense lawyers, many among us are former federal and state prosecutors, and we appreciate the demands of justice even as we provide our clients a vigorous legal defense. 

The topics we’ll cover are often directly implicated in our practice, others less so.  We would welcome a range of voices on all of these issues, as we believe the topics are best illuminated by a broad array of contributions. 

We plan to cover the full gamut of white collar and government investigations related issues, including the False Claims Act, FCPA and related anti-bribery and corruption issues, insider trading and SEC enforcement, as well as compliance-related topics. So, however you’ve arrived here, welcome, and we hope this is the start of a long and fruitful conversation.

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